General terms and conditions of the vehicle lease contract

Terms of the lease. Conditions of payment. Obligations of the user. Damage and loss of documentation. Theft, vehicle accident and or malfunction...
General terms and conditions of the vehicle lease contract

Payment Methods and Deposit

Payments can only be made via credit cards. Cash and debit cards are not accepted. Your credit card should be active for online transactions (3D or MO)Deposit may differ between 350€ - 500€ according to car groups. 15 days after return our company will contact the related bank for the release of the deposit.

For Turkish citizens and foreign customers who stay in Turkey for more than six months, a credit assessment is carried out via 

Driving Licence Restrictions

  • For MDAR, EDAR, CDAE, EDMR, CCMR, CDAD, CDMR, CDAR, CFAR, CGAR, IDMR, CMAR, IMMR, CGMR car groups driving license should be held for minimum 2 years.
  • For CGAV, DGAR, IGAR, IGAV car groups driving licences should be held for a minimum 3 years.

    You should present your driving license and ID card (for foreigners International Passport is required). If customers have been in Turkey for longer than six months, they need a Turkish driving license to rent a car. Therefore, customers need to present the entry stamp in the passport to rent a car.

    Prepaid reservation conditions

    When booking at a prepaid rate, the payment will be charged along with the total rental price (incl. booked extras and charges) prior to the rental. The driver and mode of payment shall be finalized at the time of reservation and cannot be changed. The confirmed credit card should be valid and available for presentation on a collection of the vehicle. All extra costs that occur during the car rental will be charged to this credit card. A refund shall not be issued for non-collection, a vehicle being collected late or returned early.

    In the event of cancellation, the payment in advance already made towards the rental shall be paid back subject to a cancellation charge, which will be withheld and shall be in the amount of the rental charge ( including any extras and charges) for a maximum of 3 rental days. In the event that the booked vehicle is not collected or not collected at the agreed time, the rental charge already paid shall be withheld in full.

    Pay on arrival reservation conditions

    You have a right to free cancellation.

    In some cases, our company may request payment 24 hours before your reservation, In case you do not pay your reservation may be canceled by Carwiz.

    For cancellation request you may also contact with us via e-mail or you may call us +90 (850) 307 75 33

    Deposit amounts

    Car groups Deposit amount
    MDAR, EDAR, CDAE, EDMR, CCMR      350 €


    Carwiz rent a car Price Conditions

    All price that is stated on our web site includes these services below ;

    • Collision damage waiver (CDW)
    • In case of a collision, if the insurance requirements are fulfilled by the renter, the customer is liable to pay the excess amount and the remaining amounts are covered by CDW. The excess amount is clarified at rental contract.
    • This insurance does not cover non-collision damage (parking space, tire, windscreen, lights, etc.)
    • VAT



    In the following cases below, Benefit from Insurances will be void and any loss will be excluded from the coverage:

    • The usage of the vehicle by a third person not written on the rental contract.
    • The usage of the vehicle outside of the normal conditions of use (use of the vehicle with high engine temperature, poor road conditions or moving on a flat tire, improper fuel filling, etc.)
    • Usage of the vehicle by violating the traffic rules (exceeding the legal speed limits, crossing the red light and other similar violations),
    • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving.
    • Damage or accident caused by a cargo carried in the vehicle,
    • Careless and unattended usage of the vehicle (not to adjust the speed according to the road conditions in wet weather, not to keep minimum safety distance and other similar uses)
    • Failure to inform hotline or branch immediately upon the occurrence of an accident or theft, leaving the vehicle at the scene of the accident (except if there is a preventive situation determined by the doctor's report),
    • No necessary reports (traffic and alcohol reports) are received within 48 hours from the relevant authorities in an accident,
    • If the original car key cannot be delivered in case the vehicle is stolen.
    • Failure to deliver the vehicle without approval and after the rental period has expired,
    • The amount of pecuniary damage arising from the damage caused to third parties is covered by the guarantee of compulsory liability insurance. The customer is responsible for the amounts outside the margins of the collateral.

    Services and products excluded in Carwiz rent a car prices

    One Way Price

    If the vehicle is rented properly or is intended to be delivered, the one-way fare price. (Please ask for compatibility)


    You are required to return the vehicle with the same fuel level as when you received it. 

    If you return the vehicle with a lower fuel level than when you received it, the cost of the missing fuel plus a service fee will be charged to your card.

    HGS (Express Toll Service)

    For the HGS service used in toll motorway and bridge crossings, the usage fee and additionally 5€ / rental service fee will be charged separately from the rental fee.

    Additional Driver

    If the driver's license shows and complies with the rental prerequisites (except the prerequisite for a deposit), a fee of 4€ / day is required for the second driver and each subsequent driver.

    Baby and Child Seat

    A baby and child seat can be provided. If you specify during your reservation, our reservation officers will inform you.

    Requests for Change in Rental Contract

    The rental price and the given booking confirmation are based on the conditions agreed at the beginning. In cases where it is not possible to meet a change that may be requested under these conditions, it is not possible to meet this demand (having the vehicle booked, the maintenance mileage, etc.). Even if the request for change has been accepted, an additional fee may be charged as this will change the predetermined price calculation. For early returns, there will be no refund. A change in any of the following conditions may change the terms of the lease. The request for an extension of the rental period is taken by phone in the first extension and the fee is collected and confirmed by mail order. In case of further extension requests, the vehicle must be brought to one of the offices of Carwiz rent a car and checked.

    The rental period is 24 hours. For each hourly delivery, an amount of 30% of the daily rental price may be claimed. Delays in the delivery of the vehicle without confirmation may lead to the failure of the Coverage Coverage Coverage (Full or Exempt Accident) or the addition of additional hours difference fee. 

    Traffic Penalty Service Cost

    The renter is responsible for the traffic fines arising from the use of the vehicle created during the rental. Due to the costs incurred during the payment of the traffic penalty, a service fee of 20€ / penalty shall be requested from the tenant in addition to the penalty.

    Booking Conditions

    Reservations made through our website apply to the following conditions:

    The information you make from our site is made in a secure environment. After completing the reservation, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address you have specified that a booking has been received as specified. You need to keep this e-mail, you will not be able to reach this e-mail again through the site. You have agreed to send the e-mail to the e-mail address you provided at the time of the reservation by e-mail. Similarly, you agree to send the relevant marketing SMS to the mobile phone number you have provided.

    In case of inconsistency in the reservation information such as price, vehicle group and rental dates, Carwiz Rent a Car records will be taken as the basis. Carwiz rent a car cannot be held liable for typographical errors or possible missing information.

    In case of request to change the conditions of the reservation you made (before or after the return date, changing the return station, changing the vehicle group, request to add additional drivers to the contract), the demand cannot be met, or if it is covered, an additional fee may be requested or if there is no discount on the rental price .    

    In some Airports boarding card can be questioned. Call +90 (850) 307 75 33 for detailed information.

    All prices you see on our site include, Collision damage waiver, VAT and specified mileage right. For other additional service needs, please read the "Price Conditions".

    In the event of a change in the rental day during the reservation and rental phase, the standard list price specified in the lease will be applied.

    Hotline: +90 (850) 307 75 33 /

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