Holiday paradise Antalya

Holiday paradise Antalya

Holiday paradise Antalya

Holiday paradise Antalya

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Holiday paradise Antalya is best with a car. You can rent our latest model cars at Antalya Airport.

Of course, Antalya is among the first cities to play the most important role in recognition of Turkey as one of the few resorts in the world. Not to be surprised, it is true that Antalya, which is very crowded not only in summer but also in winter and winter, has a natural blend of natural and historical beauties blended with harmony. If you are planning to go to Antalya and dream of getting to taste this wonderful city, you can accomplish this with practical, pleasant and economical transportation from the first moment you come to Antalya with Antalya rent a car service. Come on, let's rent your car immediately and let's look at what you can do in Antalya, Turkey's pearl.

What to eat in Antalya?

Antalya is a Mediterranean city and is naturally influenced by Mediterranean cuisine. But if you think that you can only find fish and seafood because it is a city by the sea, you are mistaken because Antalya is famous for its seafood and meat dishes as well. Therefore, it is most logical for you to move to seafood and meat products in Antalya. Do not leave the city without trying the famous watermelon jam that is unique to Antalya and the world famous. You can also choose watermelon jam if you want to bring a special gift from Antalya to this town.

Where to eat breakfast in Antalya?

Antalya offers great options for breakfast, but there are some of those options in the foreground that Börekçi Tevfik is located in Sinan Mahallesi and is famous for the spreading pie special to Antalya. Börekçi Tevfik can not be a more suitable option for making breakfast with fresh pastries that smell like early in the morning.

Where to eat in Antalya?

There are dozens or even hundreds of answers in Antalya where you can eat and you have to know what you want to eat first to answer this question. If you want to eat meat, you can choose Şişçi Ramadan, which is located in Uncali Neighborhood and has a right reputation with its magnificent skewers.

Places to visit in Antalya

We are not the first to discover Antalya, of course, one of the cities with the most beautiful geography of the world, Antalya is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to natural beauties. Caves are located at the top of places to visit in Antalya, which is home to many famous fascinating caves. Damlataş cave, Karain cave, Kocain cave and many other caves, as well as the famous Düden waterfall are just a few of the natural beauties you can visit in Antalya.

Historical places of Antalya

As you can imagine, Antalya has been a popular settlement center for thousands of years with its magnificent geographical beauty and has hosted many different cultures, which makes it possible to have many places to visit in Antalya. Antalya Museum, Yivli Minaret and much more Antalya.

Antalya night life

Every year, tens of thousands of people prefer Antalya for holiday, the night life of the city has a big role in the language. Be sure that you will experience the most enjoyable fun of your life in this wonderful city. Of course, first of all visit to benefit from Antalya rent a car service.

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