Homeland of Seals and the Origin of Sirens

Foça or Phokaia, as the Ionian people call it, is a serene town in İzmir named after the seal which is its symbol. It has mostly managed to preserve its nature and history compared to other places on the Aegean shore.

This small, fishing town offers you something we always look for tranquility. Foça is the address of peace with its virgin nature and protected areas and it will only take you 1 hour to reach there from the center of Izmir by car. The friendly locals are waiting for their guests to welcome them as if they were family.

You've heard of the legend of Odysseus, right? The cliff where the Sirens lived with their irresistibly beautiful voices was right here in Foça. You should definitely join the boat tour to visit the Siren Kayalıkları which inspired Homer and to swim in a uniquely beautiful sea!

We strongly recommend you to visit by the time you are in Foça: Atatürk Island, windmills, Phrygian Hill, and Foca Aqueduct.

Do not forget to taste Cretan ice cream in Nazmi Usta’s shop. It is truly the best!

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