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Your voucher should arrive via e-mail. Please double check your entered information, and if everything seems in order contact out customer support.

You can reduce or completely eliminate your personal liability in case of vehicle damages with additional insurance packages. The deductible amount depends on the vehicle category, the selected package, and the number of days the vehicle is rented. You can check the prices of additional packages during the reservation process.

  • SCDW is an additional insurance that covers damage to the vehicle body.

The pickup and drop off location as well as the model of the vehicle can be changed up to 48 hours before pick up. The pickup time can be changed up to 12 hours before pick up, and delivery services can be requested up to 48 hours before pick up.

You can update the pick-up time by informing our customer service. If not updated, your vehicle will be held for you for up to 2 hours from the scheduled pick-up time. After 2 hours, your reservation will be canceled.

You can cancel your reservation via your user account or by the reservation form itself up to 24 hours before vehicle pick up free of charge.

If the client does not appear or does not pick up the vehicle without a valid reason, or without a reservation cancelation, we reserve the right to charge cancelation expenses to his credit card.

Although having a user account is not necessary to make a reservation, it does give you the ability to track your invoices, special benefits, as well as checking all news and offers available to you.

You can use a different credit card in your name when picking up the vehicle. If you don't have another credit card in your name, you won't be able to take delivery of the vehicle.

When picking up the vehicle, you must have a valid credit card, an ID card, and a valid driver's license in your name. Non-Turkish citizens should have their passport with entry stamps from the last 6 months, along with their passport. Additionally, individuals with licenses in scripts other than the Latin alphabet, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Cyrillic, should also have an international driver's license.

Sadly, only the owner of the credit card can sign the contract in his name and pick up the vehicle.

In this case, please inform our Customer support.

The client that does pick up the vehicle needs to have his personal documents (driver’s license and identity card) as well as a valid credit card

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